As she leans over the screen with those red-red eyes moving franticly over a screen she obviously finds a little confusing. I wish I could still enjoy the weedage, but 3am panic attacks and munchy-weight gain have lost the appeal of the gaange for me long ago. In the meantime, its funny to watch her try and get stuff done amidst the fog of daze and the hazy smile on her chapped lips freaks me out. She looks up and gives me wan smiles, I shudder.
Anyway, its another library night.
My back hurts. My prof sent me a mean email. I’m pissy and not in the mood. SO< I think we're going back to vickys where I have some downers waiting to chase with Pink's shitty girly excuse-fer-booze. Then, I tell myself, then, I'll come work…sure I will. At least if I pass out in the library, I can wake up to my work and maybe get something done then. I just have to do it, even when I know i can't. I hate this place. Fatstonedhippies and hipsterfucks hardatwork. I hate this place.
We don’t want the loonies takin’ over. doo doo do do


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