mascara crust
tracing tear-trails
down her hot cheeks
rain on the winsheild
slides down
everything drips-drenched
it is pouring
the parking lot
is a puddle
the cd starts over again
with a hum
this car
is a coffin and

we are down the well
filled up and caught
in you-know-what
this is more than
we know
I cannot care-take
but take-care
to care
I take
in the right places
place a little yes
on your tattered tongue

cause a little
empathy goes a long way
and a spoonfull of
sympathy makes the poison
go down fine
we go down

I am built a bridge
I am stretced across
the gap of us
I am down the well
please don’t put me
down the well
I cannot climb
wet wall moss
and cold stone drip
I am down

you. me. us. we.
are well enough
and kind to say
the things the faces say
to keep faces up and
end up face down
in a bed of rain and nails
end up face down
trading sanity for friends


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