And east coast and west coast and you and them and there and here.
Healthy for you hurts for them.
I can’t hide, I know were I stand finally, in a sense. I’m standing on thin air, or thin ice, take your pick. School’s out and we are out of names to call each other. Ok this is not supposed to be a poem, why am I writing it like one? We trapped poor adam in with us and gave him a snapshot of the shit we do to us. I felt so bad, it needed a good talking and paige was a definately a voice of reason and comfort. Its nice after some distance to be reminded of why you’re drawn to friends and who they are, even when all you have to talk about is other friends, and its all sewing circles, no one is saving much face, but its not so important anymore. This is all so internal, but don’t blame me I’m on drugs.


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