Well, as anyone who reads my journal lately can tell, I don’t make much sense lately, and I don’t plan on starting now. Too much to go into, I’ll have to be lucid later. As for now, its 3 am and its been a long ass few days, tommorrow will be long too. I’m exhausted, I put about 300 miles on my car today and about twice that on my brain. All I say for now is this: Vicky and I broke up. My request. Bad? Good? At least we agreed that everything sucked and something had to change, in some ways it went better than I could’ve hoped, which is to say I didn’t fuck it up too much, and vicky’s heart wasn’t minced or frappe’d, more like just crumpled a little. She was actually very understanding, considering, and we agreed on most of what needed to happen, the main difference being she remains optimistic about our future as trying to work things out later, while I am neutral, uncertain about what will happen, but I think it will definately take more than 2 weeks of being convieniently a country apart to make us work again, so until then, or in the event of then, I plan to be celebate…but of course, if you know me you’re probably laughing at that last comment. Shut it.


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