All I could think this morning when I woke up on mikes couch was: “When you wake up in the mornin with your head on fire and your eyes to bloody to see….” It wasn’t quite that bad, but I was hungover for sure. I dont remember driviing home, that’s scary. I’m getting really tired of drinking in general. It just doesn’t cut it and I get bored. Not to mention the accompanying shit: I’m once again out of money (spent all on drinks) out of cigarettes (smoked like a chimeney) and starving for a greasy hangover meal that I can’t afford. damnnit.It was a fun night regardless though….from what I remember of it. My first real hardcore show. I got all dressed up in mikes asstight jeans and a tiny white shirt with my kickin new New Balances that I found at goodwill yesterday… I looked either gay or hardcore, either which was cool with me, so we went and rocked to the bled, for free. Then we hung out with them for a while in the bar, getting fucked up. I sold them weed via family connections and helped move their equipment. Got a t-shirt out of it. Nice guys. Good thing cause I was expecting mike to get us in a fight. We made a badassgangsta rap cd to pumpup before hand, but honestly, I don’t think I’d be much use in a brawl, even if I did have my gat.
“These words are weapons”


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