I got to be a rockstar for 3 holy minutes last night. Karaoke from Hell and I wailed away to the Who. Someone asked Mike, “Is he like, 12 or something?” all mike said was “well he’s that side of 21 if thats what you mean.” Its true, I felt like a youngin, but that made “my generation” all the more appropriate among the burnedout rockarollers doin their drunken thang on the stage. Actually, the “Hell” part of the karaoke wasn’t as present as it may sound, most people were pretty good, but as my ego has now shoved me out of the chair and taken over this entry, I WAS BETTER. YeAh. More than anything it was a fucking blast. my knees were weak as I scrambled off the stage, smiling like I just blew a load in everyones face. The band idea mike and I had been tossing around suddenly became a much more pressing reality, especially since we found a couple drummers among the crowd to fill out our powerblues attitude trio. My music jones is back with a vengence as I walked into the record store for the first time in a long time today, and so, instead of going to work, I spent all the money I made last weekend on Hail to the Theif (special edition) Blur’s Think Tank, and Grandaddy’s new one “Sumday.” I feel like a junky.
The upside is at least for the moment, I’m high on something other than chemicals.


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