He calls me late at night
when he’s lonely
wife asleep and the tv on
the different sets of sleeping pills run out
writing and eating alone in the dark
of that apartment

He calls me late at night,
lonely on the telephone says
could I come over maybe
smoke and listen to a little firlinghetty?
put the coffee pot right on
He’s got a good movie he says
watched it twice tonight already and ready for a third
seen that movie I say
yeah its a good one

He calls me late at night when he’s lonely
and he’s always lonely
but its 3 am and I’m drunk
on the other side of town
with my other buisness and my other people
and my other life, my certain set of others
but could I maybe come over anyway he says
and I just don’t have the heart to tell him
that I have no heart to tell no more,
got no heart to speak of
no more


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