Buckets. Buckets and buckets of snow. It’s like the sky was a giant pillow that someone suddenly exploded, blasted to shreds and it’s feathery guts falling all over us. I bought new boots n new bindings for my snowboard yesterday, and spent all day today absolutely SLAYING the hills of Oku-kan and Manba. I went with a burton set. The SL10 Boot n Cartel binding. Good stuff. I’m so used to throwing so much effort into my turns that I actually had to spend most of the day teaching myself not to overturn. It’s amazing how much more response I get out of real bindings n light boots that actually fit. It was almost like strength training…wearing the old clunkers with no support since 17. (I could just KILL the asswipe in the snowboard shop who told my dumbass teenage self that you actually want “a little ‘play'” in your bindings…I don’t know who’s dumber, him or me for buying it and sticking with it for all these years) In these things I can whip around so fast it’s amazing. I spent all day with my headphones lodged firmly in the old earholes, went as fast as I damn well pleased. Walked through the fields of cars, hunched in rows with their wipers pointed up and out like antennae…staring into the mesmerizing fall of the snow…the hypnotizing, calm falling white almost put me to sleep on the drive back. Now it’s off to get my onsen on before I head down south for a little weekend excursion. PEACE.

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