I have a condition since returning from my Asian Adventure(TM), which I will call China Throat, for lack of a technical term. Suffering from the China Throat has been especially rough this past week. Since the very moment of my return to rising sun I’ve hardly had a moment to sit down. I arrived and took the boat to Kobe, hoping for a nice long spa n beauty rest before my lessons the next day…but instead I was found out, nabbed by the Tat Police and kicked out on the street faster than you can say “Shitsure!” I hauled my baggage and heavy feet to the other, more open-minded, if slightly “ghetto” capsule down the way, and found it was already past 2 am. It was a good thing I’d checked the station that night, as I found that my nice convenient bus service was suspended till the 15th, so it was up at 7 for trains and transfers. On your normal day, 5 hours aint so bad, but in this case I could feel the China Throat digging it’s claws in, getting set for a long haul. I chugged my way to school, taught my lessons and collapsed, gratefully into my bed. 

By Thursday China Throat had gone full-blown, and included China Coughs, Mandarin Mucus, Sino-Stuffy Nose and a China Continual Feeling of Exhaustion. Even still, I went to (and failed at) Friday’s Gallow’s practice, DJ’d G & C’s wedding, 4 hours of gaijin band practice on Sunday (At which I “spoke” the lyrics cause China Throat would not allow me to sing them), then Hanami which was rainy and cold and shitty. So finally, Sunday, after it was all over, I went home, played Super Nintendo, watched American Gangster, took all kinds of meds n drank cough-syrupy sick-tea all night before finally popping a couple Niquill and sleeping 11 hours like the dead. Woke up this morning starving, only to find my precious Eel filet was two days over expiry! All the buisitude of the week and I’d forgotten to eat the thing. I always look forward to my Unagi-dons and this was too much. I’d gotten the rice all ready to go the night before and everything…so whatever, I ate it anyway. 
Yeah, and the trip was pretty good.


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