“If you can’t say anything good, don’t say anything at all”
It’s been my philosophy for the blog lately, as I haven’t had much good stuff to say lately, other than innocuous record reviews. But here I’ll chime in with the rest of the world & say “wOOtz!” for Obama. So yeah. We have a black pres. I’m all for it. He’s got a landslide mandate (338-155) a stacked deck in terms of house n senate (maybe two dozen more seats?)… lets hope he can accomplish even 1/100th of what he’s been promising. Even that much might be enough for me.

I’m not normally one to get over-excited about politics, but it’s pretty infectious, this stuff… but it’s also a fairly transparent veil, an overly self-concious burst of joy… like getting to eat your double chocolate (wink) sundae before dinner, when dinner remains the huge heaping plate of *shit sandwiches* that America has in front of it.
Yaaaaaaaaayy! OBAAAAAAMARAMAAAAAAAA!!!! Says everyone, but we’re hanging some pretty huge hopes on this guy, and I don’t want to be Naggy McNagerton, but being African American alone does not give you a magic wand to solve housing crisis, credit crunch or blah bady blah blah blah. Then again, I’m not sure who I’d rather have behind the weel of this big sinking ship. So, I’m gonna swallow the rest of my usual pessimism, fingerwaggin, n fence straddling, and say:

‘uMerikuh, FUK YEAH!! Awww shucks, Amer’kuh, yew might jus be wurth goin back tew.”
Now lets all go sing Kumbaiyah…


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  1. November 5, 2008

    I’m usually pretty cynical when it comes to politics, but I too have been swept up by the Obama tsunami… Though I try to remain cautious, Obama has managed to make me feel something I haven’t felt in a long long time… hope for the world.

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