I made a big fuss in these past few months of *properly* sorting out my trash. They’re so very concerned with trash here… especially the proper sorting of trash. There is a special bag for plastic, a special bag for burnables, a special sticker and or bag for non-burnables, and all other sorts of tedium to undergo when disposing of things. Not recycling, mind you. That’s different. This is just plain trash. I collected my plastic refuse in a separate trash can, and put it in the special bag reserved just for that purpose. I set it out at the proper time on the proper day (only twice a month for plastic!). I did everything right, short of writing my name on it, which is the one thing you’re “supposed” to do (yes, really) that nobody actually does. That’s why I was surprised to find it still sitting in the red neighborhood garbage cage that afternoon… My bag was the only one left untouched…why? I moved in close for a better look. It had a sticker affixed on one side. 「汚れている」- “Dirty.” My garbage is, apparently, TOO DIRTY TO THROW AWAY. Suck on that one for a while, see if your head explodes.


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  1. December 4, 2008

    XD!!!!!oh man… how glad am I that my landlord takes care of the garbage for me?

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