Im sitting in triangle park, ashland, blogging on a cell phone now that i have no one to talk to but the internet for the next week. The band is gone! Back to Portland they go, after a great show, an all-nite hotel room singalong (some captured on tape), and a huge hangover breakfast next door to the motel.


Ther we are sayin goodby in front o safeway… lookin very much like a band, says Zach. if there was any way to take to take em all with me i would. I can only imagine all of us tearin up california.

That said, i have a moby dick audio book primed up, a full tank of gas and nothing but beautiful weather in front of me so here i go. Wish me luck.

Here are the remaining dates for you viewers at home:

9/30 (tonight!) – Chico, CA at the Maltese Bar

10/2 – Nevada City, CA at Cafe Mekka

10/3 – San Fransisco, CA at Hotel Utah

10/4 – San Luis Obispo at Linnaea’s Cafe

10/5 – San Diego CA at The Tin Can Alehouse

10/6 – San Luis Obispo Redux at the Frog ‘n Peach

10/10 – Portland, Or at the Ella St. Social Club

*all CA Dates are Ed solo

See ya round the west!



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