So there was a hellish 2hr panic yesterday after i lost my phone, id, and bank card. I then promptly recovered all at the local police. Honest, trustworthy citizents of Ashland! Thank you!

We then promptly dissappeared in to the beautiful mountains surrounding us, winding up and up on a crazy rollercoaster stretch of Route 66 that was straight out of a car commercial. We stayed the night in a picturesque tipi village with none other than Michael Franklin and family. We chopped wood, caught tans and played chess in one of the most beautiful places ive ever seen.

Tonight we play Alex’s as a five-piece band, and the best part is that we’re warming up the crowd for a rap-raggae afterparty showcase…. I gotta snap a photo of the poster for yall, its the most hilArious thing ive ever seen. But, Believe it or not, in ashland, somehow id put dollars to donuts that the combination works. Jah provide mon.








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