Another Perspective on Royalties

I’m an avid reader of the Trichordist, and a fan of David Lowery’s anti-pandora rants. It’s so gratifying to see people caring about copyright law, musician royalties and IP rights. On to a deeper level, this post disects Lowery’s latest (and oft-shared) post that his song “Low” was played over 1 million times on Pandora and his check was $16 in return… I like that this post debunks some of the over-simplified and vilifying stuff we’ve heard, but really ends up being an argument for higher royalties all-round…especially from terrestrial radio. Ok, you stopped reading several sentences ago, right? You’re not even here anymore, you’ve clicked through or moved on, I know. It’s OK. I’m used to talking to myself…that’s what blogs are for!


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