Lissen up all you dumbos. I hate to talk down to you but since you consistently act like children I feel compelled to talk in tones children might take seriously.

All you Trump Swallowers & Bernie or Busters – Let’s make a list, shall we?

Boundless Ignorance
Obsequious Volatility (will behave when it means more power, will misbehave when it means more power)
Infantile Attention Seeking
Thin-Skinned Reactionary
Unbridled Glorification for Wealth and Power of Wealth (aka ‘the anti Sanders’)

Gave Speeches for Money
Changed Position on Liberal Issues
Put Emails on a Public Server
Bows to the “Establishment”

Which is worse? If the answer isn’t obvious to you then you’re probably a racist. Yes, Trump’s name/campaign is a code word for racists and racist billionaires…just like “traditional,” “conservative” and “family values” have become. So, whether you’re Republican, Democrat, Independent, Bernie Bro or Glum Kaisich Fan: get it over with already and take your goddamn medicine.

I don’t give a goddamn what happened in Nevada. Sanders’ message has been heard… stop giving me this media bias BS. If you’ve been anywhere but under a rock you know he’s already given a lot of people a nice solid shove to the left. I’m tired of hearing this crap about how awful Hilary is. If you withhold your vote for her in November, you are responsible for making a Trump Takeover more plausible. DUH. There! Can we just stop talking about all this now?




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