So, while I knew I’d be kicking the hornets nest with the tone and subject of my prior posting, I admit I’m surprised (though I shouldn’t be) at the length and vehemence of the responses. When I said “Now can we just stop talking about it already?” at the end of my post I guess I was expecting a sigh of relief from anyone that bothered to actually read it… a “jeez, I know right? Let’s just move on already!” But this is not what happened.

At the risk alienating people I respect, and in the interest of giving a bit more dispassionate, coherent argument, I’m going to be little bit nicer and bit more thorough here, since I’ve been flattered enough to have people read and engage with my viewpoints.

What I’m Saying: 
Bernie is inspiring, and he as already done unquantifiable good to give voice to the problems inherent in our system of government and our society. Hillary, on the other hand, is uninspiring at best. Donald Trump, however, is an existential threat to the United States of America. He is perhaps the most dangerous figure to come into prospective American power since McCarthyism & the Goldwater movement. Writers like Adam Gopnick of the New Yorker have already said it, and said it better:

One can oppose [Hillary’s] ideology (to the degree she has any), be unimpressed by her record (as contradictory as it may be), or mistrustful of her character. God knows, it is bitterly hard to defer to a long-standing political enemy, but it is insane to equate a moderate, tested professional politician with a crypto-fascist. Doing so is possible only through a habit of hatred so distended that it no longer has any reference to reality at all.

Calls for “unity” from the party elite are most certainly self-serving, and interest-motivated. It is a testament to the power of Sanders’ campaign just how worried they are.

If you’re like me – a byproduct of the Bush Dominion and all it’s attendant fury & cynicism – then you were caught somewhere between incredulous dismay and schadenfreude-induced orgasm during the Republican primary debates. Imagine, then, what Trump’s campaign manager feels now. Our system (flawed as it is) exists so that we can disagree without killing each other. The end result, however, is that we must agree on SOMETHING. We have the benefit of hindsight here, as we saw the result for Republicans was the worst possible outcome. We have just a fleeting chance to learn from the example.

Please: learn from the example, & learn from history. Some of you are sounding scarily like the fanatics on the other side with your vast conspiracies and your “Bernie or Die” slogans. I know the one thing we should be able to agree on is that Trump is a political hydrogen bomb, and represents the victory of racism, fear and hatred. Surely, we can agree that Hillary, with all her flaws, represents a more pleasant alternative. Thanks for reading. Fingers crossed.


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