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Man! Wild night in San Luis Obispo!

Apparently the “SLOcals” throw a wild party every thursday that is ostensibly a farmers market, more like a meat market.

Sweet Adriana, an architecture student, volunteered me a brisk tour of the town after my show- the mission, bubblegum alley, the creek. She knew the construction dates of all the buildings offhand…

Talked Literature (the kind with a capital L) with wonderful Michael over whiskey— Lorca, Turgenev, Whitman! Ahh i love talking books. Felt good to be in a college town after so long away from the ivory tower.


Now i find myself in Ventura–driving among the verdant, misty cliffs surrounding my hazy memories of high school in carpinteria. I vow to stop at The Spot on the way back. Best goddamn burger on the west coast if not the world. CCR blasting in the car, belly full of coffee, San Diego! Whales Vagina! Here i come