Got the slide film developed downtown with matt
there’s some incredible pictures on it, getting them turned into prints, one at least deserves to be a poster. Saw “Kill Bill” (excellent) and skipped class. It was all around a decent day until we were harrassed by psycho hippy bike nazi. claiming I’d almost clipped him, he comes up to give me a lecture, but its just not the fucking day for this. Waving his can of mace at my closed window, I couldn’t help but snap and scream for him to get the fuck away from my car (bitch) when he starts circling my car with his keys out and this real deadpan stare on his face. So we just drove away instead of getting slides turned into photos. He pursued, viciously, but to no avail. TO you, bike nazi mace weilding schizo- wherever you are, hope you choke on your tofu.
In other news,
The beat revival memorial for morgan was one of the most gut-wrenchingly beautiful things I’ve ever seen in the flesh, I think its help move me along in a lot of ways, an official farewell of sorts. Now I’m worried Mike’s gonna quit running the beat, which I can’t decide my feelings on. Maybe we just can’t top that last night, maybe its just never gonna be the fucking same without morgan popping his goofy face in now and then, maybe its just run its course, or maybe we’re all just gonna drift aimlessly into space without it there to hold us down every week, remind us who we are, what we do and what we love, despite all the bullshit. Maybe I’m talking out of my ass, I don’t know what to think yet. I’m just so glad that the drama that was threatening to overshadow what really matters to me didn’t show its fucking face that night. We all needed that, with the whole room screaming his name at the top of their lungs, crying one minute, laughing the next, swapping stories, greif and understanding like they were table napkins, the casual way a room of relative strangers can be closer than those who’ve known each other for years.
El Gato is dead.
I’m pretty sure he heard us at least.


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